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Saturday, 25 February 2012

All about Bengali food

This should be most likely a one-pit stop for those who are looking for different Bengali recipes at one place. Try it out!


1 liter Milk
For deep frying, Sunflower Oil
250 grams Sugar
2 tablespoon Flour
2 tablespoon Coconut (grated)

Boil milk over slow fire while stirring.
Thicken till fewer than half its original volume and thick in consistency and keep it to cool.
Dissolve sugar in 2-3 cups water (Keep aside 2 tablespoons) then dissolve the rest of the sugar.
Make into syrup of just one thread consistency by boiling and pour into serving dish.
Add flour, coconut and two tablespoon of sugar to your milk to thicken further.
Stir till completely smooth.
Mix well to form a batter and pouring consistency (If required add a little more milk.)
Heat the ghee in deep frying pan.
Pour one spoonful of milk batter into ghee to form a circle.
Fry slowly turning on each side till brown.
Drain and put in syrup to soak.
Continue in this way till batter is completed.
Dip in syrup and serve cold and hot.
Serve garnished with some chopped pistachios.